Wow, I've been having lots of fun getting the Pi together.  First off, I think it looks great in its new little box.  Considering I had roofers pounding flecks of tar into my loft, I was mighty thankful for the protection.  Between hooking it up to a monitor and attaching a keyboard and mouse, I started to have a memory recall.  This felt just like when my brother and I were connecting our first computer, a Timex Sinclair!  You can laugh, it's okay.  My brother and I spent many a late night sneaking onto the computer when my parents were asleep.  Anyway, I merely followed the Element 14 tutorials for set-up, and I'll say right now that the NOOB (New Out Of The Box Software) was perfect for me.  I chose the Raspbian OS, and in a few minutes I had a start screen, with some fun surprises -- games, games, Python games!  I can tell you right now that I love "Squirrel Eat Squirrel".  Check out the "omega" squirrel that got created.

Pi M.JPGPiScreen M.JPGSquir True M.JPG

After getting sidetracked with that, I moved onto another program I like -- Scratch, from MIT.  I've been wanting to play with this for quite some time, as I heard it's good for teaching code to young people.  In fact, some use it as an intro to writing games, and I can see why.  Moving the cat around is instant gratification, and I know I'll certainly be spending more time here once my project is finished.  If you are a parent, definitely get your kids involved with this one and they'll be ahead of the curve.  Finally, it was time to unplug from the games for some craft work.


Box M.JPGPaint M.JPG


I wanted to house the Pi in an appropriate Valentine fashion, so a traditional candy box seemed best.  Of course the stores didn't have any in stock yet, so I had to order mine from a professional box company minus the chocolates.  It was a tragedy, yes, but I'll get over it. The box I chose has a gold matte finish, which I thought would be easy to cover with paint.  In fact, it is probably best that I ordered my box this way because most boxes have a ton of branding on them making them more difficult to cover.  I chose some acrylic matte paint in a Pearl White color and used a sponge brush to make sure the layers would be thin, as cardboard doesn't like to be wet.  I made it through three coats so far, but the color is a bit too silvery for my liking.  I want the box to be a frame, not the focus of the piece.  So, I will purchase some pure white paint next time I go to the art store.  It's a minor issue, and I have two other heart boxes just in case this one fails.  I'm all about choices, and so far, so good.