Wow! Thank you Element 14! I had come up with the idea to use the Raspberry pi to make a retro mechanical arcade game Coin Dozer, but of course being a college student sometimes funds aren't always in abundance when you get an awesome Raspberry Pi project idea. HERE is an example of a coin dozer arcade game if you don't know what one is....I plan on making one out of the bundle.

So on a hope and a whim I sent in my application for the Ultimate Raspberry pi Bundle just to see. Then Bam!  Before i know it one night after coming home from classes and there was a box from element14  in front of my DOOR! Thank you Element 14 not only for the opportunity to make this project but also for the SUPER FAST shipping wow that was


quick! I just hope the other parts i ordered for the project get here soon enough so i can begin to build it.


Below is a video of me un-boxing the contents of the Ultimate Raspberry
Pi Bundle. I was surprised on how much actually came with the bundle!!!



I will continue with post's as i make progress! If you can get your hands on one of these bundles or just one piece of the bundle i would say go ahead it will help out your project so much and since everything is so compatible with the rpi you won't be wasting a bunch of time reinventing the wheel.



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