Well, that was fun!  I finally got my epaper display working and I'm sending high-five's to Christopher Hall at RePaper for all the help.  Apparently there was a "change directory" needed, and also an adjustment in display size, since I have the larger 2.7 version.  Oh yes, and also a couple of tweaks to some wires, as I misunderstood the numbering of the pins on the epaper display.  If you look carefully, there is a hint about this on the board, and definitely watch the doubles of some of the wire colors!  Here's some other shots of the display as it cycled through the demo's.  (Sorry for the glare, but I'm keeping the protective film on until I'm near project end):




You may recall I had been fighting with the acrylic paint and foam brush for my Valentine's box.  Well, I got some Krylon paint in a glossy white and it's looking a lot better now -- much more like a modern heart. My next step is to get the Twitter tutorial running that works with the epaper display, so I can hack to get my hash tag surprise working.  That should be challenging, as I only have a little exposure to Python.  Will it be done in time for Valentine's Day?  Not sure, but I'm giving it my best shot!