First and foremost, sincere thanks to all those who participated and to those who guided this challenge to its successful conclusion. We've been inspired by the projects that have been created and been delighted to see the possibilities of the Pi NoIR explored so comprehensively.
Given all the wonderful content generated by the challengers, it's been difficult to make a choice.  However, we have selected Frederick Vandenbosch and his young helper as the winners.  Frederick's project was not only well documented and entertaining, it was thoroughly imbued with the true spirit of the holiday season.
RapiroAnd now for the Grand Prize.  While element14 will never take the place of Santa Claus, we believe we have picked the perfect gift so that Frederick and his daughter can continue to explore the world of possibilities that electronics engineering has to offer.  From Japan, we have acquired a Rapiro Robot Kit (pictured right) before it is available to the general public.  We will also soon be offering Rapiro - Programmable DIY Robot Kit. However, the very first will be sent to Frederick as soon as possible.  We hope that this will encourage him to continue his outstanding blogs in our Pi Projects area as he no doubt understands the potential of this exciting product, which was such a big hit at CES 2014.
Once again, many thanks to our competitors and participants.  Stay tuned for many more exciting challenges on element14 in 2014.