Valentine's Day is almost here, and I'm doing some fast learning about Python in order to combine some programs for my display. I've got the Epaper display doing the Twitter monitor @LoveQuotes feed. Notice that the font was looking pretty small, but I was able to make some changes in size to the program so that it was easier to read. Then I merely watched the stream to see which font size worked best. I decided that it was better to be on the larger size and have more readability for average length quotes, rather than be small to include extra long quotes. After all, it is a short format form of media . Hey, speaking of short format, did I mention that current style is one space after a period in sentences? I'm still doing two spaces, which I'll try to correct from now on! Sheesh, it's hard enough to stay current on all the social media, let alone the English language style changes!




Okay, now I'm on the tricky part. I want to send a tweet to the stream using a special string that will result in a celebration -- like a personal message followed by a series of photographs of me and my husband. So far I've got the special string being identified and printed on the computer monitor, but now I'm on the part where I need the image files to be sent to the Epaper display. It could very well be that I get stuck on this, and I really want it to be done by Valentine's Day. So, if you are already on my contact list for this community, be ready for one of those coding911emails.  I'm off for another late night!