Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Here is my project looking all glam with the white paint, wire mesh and red LED.  It's actually pretty much how I imagined it, plus or minus some Python coding challenges .  It's successfully taking a Twitter feed of @LoveQuotes and sending it to the Epaper display.  There is just one more challenge -- check out my video.



Obviously you will get another update on this before I move on to my next project.  However, I want to mention some of the things I learned with this Raspberry Pi project.  First, it's amazing how small computers have become.  To see the progress on chips and materials -- it's just amazing.  With that said, going lean and working with the command line was quite a challenge, but after a few days, I relied on a cheat sheet less and less.  Also, troubleshooting code gave me such a knowledge of the directories!  I think I could probably win a trivia contest on Epaper's /gratis/PlatformWithOS/demo.   I don't even think I could call myself a beginner of Python -- I'm just getting my feet wet.  None the less, I was able to be helpful in troubleshooting issues with two tutorials and helped to correct them.  I also tracked down a little magic for correcting the keyboard setting from Great Britain to US.  I should probably add a link for that!  There's nothing like having your # in a place where you can't find it when you are working with Twitter .  Most of all, I'm in awe of the thinking that went into this computer, to make it something that people of all ages would have an interest in, and find educational.  I still find myself getting ideas for other uses.  Really, any information gathering on the internet can be transformed into art or a practical device.  So, if you are wondering if this is for you or your child, take it from this English major -- it's cool.  Thanks for following my work and I hope to get the final answers on my code soon.  Peace, love and engineering!