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Celebrate the winter holidays with your own drink mixing robot. Drinkmo never lets you down!

Margarita Screenshot.png

The Drinkmotizer interface.



But, Drinkmo is different too. I made a few changes to its operation. First, I changed out the sub 100oz/in stepper motor for a 280 oz/in alternative. I did this so that the drink platforms could blast through any obstacle. Whether it be debris, dry triple sec, or someone’s finger… right through!


Second, I swapped out the stepper driver for a Gecko G210X, single stepping motor. I was originally doing 1/10th micro-stepper, and hand a maximum speed. Now, I am able to step up the speed, so to speak. I set it to be a little faster. Future modifications will make it move nightmarishly fast, you have my word on that.


Third, the onboard air regulator was originally taking 800 psi air from a paintball gun tank to operate the chaser module. The problem here was frequent air line bursts. So, I made an adapter to go from a portable air compressor to the Drinkmo regulator system. With a maximum of 100 psi from the air compressor,  air line compromises were over. I also upped the chaser bottle pressure from 5 psi to 15 psi to force the chaser out faster.


I have big plans from Drinkmo in the coming months. Almost a complete overhaul. Cheaper kits to follow too!



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