Keep Your Home Safe and Snug This Summer!


In our introductory Pi in the Sun blog, we promised projects that would make your summer better. Now we're delivering.

Here are 2 Pi Projects that will allow you to worry less about keeping unwanted visitors and prowlers away while you hit the holiday road.


1.   Let Frederick Vandenbosch show you how you can use a Pi, a Pi Camera and a PiFace Digital to build an alarm system that detects unwanted visitors, scares away intruders and transmits automatic notifications of disturbances.




2.  With this project, Carriots M2M Applications Platform reviews how to program the Raspberry Pi to send a data stream to a database when the Pi detects light. The result: You receive a text message signaling to you that someone is in your house.





Have more ideas for how the Pi can protect your home while you're away this summer? Share them!