Don't Fret About Managing Your Life When You Travel! Just Automate It!


What will your pets do without you when take that dream trip of a life time? What happens if your applicances break down? Never fear. The Raspberry Pi is here.

With these 3 Pi Projects, you can let the Raspberry Pi work while you recreate.


1.  When Cabe Atwell went on a trip recently he found himself worrying about his goldfish’s well being more often than he ever imagined. We know you can relate. Good news! With Project Goldie on the case, you'll sleep easy on your next adventure.



2.   Have you ever met an unlucky traveler whose referigerator stopped working while they were wandering the globe? With Tim Massaro's refrigerator monitor, this will never happen to you. If your refrigerator drops below a certain temperature, you'll immediately get a text that will allow you to contact a repairperson who can investigate.




     3. Say you want to know how much electricity an appliance like an air purifier uses while you're gone. Drew Fustini put the Pi and the Kill-A-Watt together make the RaspiWatt, and you can too!




Have more ideas for how the Raspberry Pi can help you prepare for summer? Share them!