It's that time of year; with spooks abound,

Don't make a noise, not even a sound,

As they'll find you, just you see

How creepy and scary; they can be...






The Scary Door

Cabe Atwell puts together an impressive feat that'll scare the pants off you.

You see this door has a window, but into what?

Why don't you ring the bell and find out for yourself? Or are you too scared...


Pumpkin Pi

Drew Fustini decides that a pumpkin with a tea light in it isn't enough,

there must be more control! and sound!

This pumpkin is simply frightening on the senses.



Make an Entrance

Matt Richardson of Make Magazine has put together a doorbell system,

but there's nothing stopping you from using the EnOcean sensor kit

to make sure the door has a creeky sound when opened or screams

when you push that doorbell!



Dance Dance Revolution

What's a Halloween party without some games to play ?

Do the monster mash to the beat with your Raspberry Pi

converted into an arcade machine.




Not a Bored Game

When dancing has tired you out, or perhaps you're finished riding the

sugar high from all of the treats; enjoy a relaxing board game instead!



The Drinkmotizer

Your party's in full swing but everyone's thirsty! Easy solution:

mix some drinks (or have them neat) - even though this project suggests alcoholic

beverages there's nothing stopping you from using

soft drinks and syrups instead if you're driving or equivalent.



Rocking Karaoke Machine

If dancing and boardgames don't take your interest, how about

singing your heart out to your favourite song(s) ?


Internet Radio Player

Carry your Halloween party along with background music!

With digital radio stations there's no end of choice and you

can use this project as a good standalone internet radio player.



Motion Screamer!

Pesky trick or treaters coming to your door?

Give them a scare with this motion sensitive screamer



Joke Machine

Need to pep up a dull moment? Has the party gone quiet ?

Cut a cheesy one liner(which can be a scary concept in itself)

with your Raspberry Pi