Hi, I'm new to Element14's site. Anyways, currently I'm working on incorporating a raspberry pi b+ into a "Philips PET741M/37" portable DVD player. However, it only has an a/v out which the raspberry pi has also. I'm currently trying to find out how to add an a/v in port and I'm looking at the main chip which is a "Mediatek MT1389KQE". I found the video pins from the datasheet (http://jl.web.free.fr/silvercrest/Download/pin_MT1389EE.pdf) I just don't know which is the input and I need help with this project of mine.WIN_20150206_130956.JPGWIN_20150206_131010.JPGWIN_20150206_131028.JPGWIN_20150206_131131.JPGWIN_20150206_131112.JPG