I won a Raspberry Pi 2 GPS kit!

My intent is to create a kid friendly, high accuracy geocaching platform that my daughters can use when hiking.

Technical specs:

  • Accuracy of the GPS location could be improved by putting the L80 into 10Hz mode and then performing an averaging function such as outlined in this paper:

          An Effective Approach to Improving Low-Cost GPS Positioning Accuracy in Real-Time Navigation

  • With the addition of a magnetometer, a direction indicator could be added that would not be dependent upon movement to show the target azimuth.
  • We would utilize our Makerspace's 3D printer to print an enclosure for this platform to sit in such that it could be used by children.
  • I think the Pi 2 is a good candidate for this project as it should have the horsepower to perform the averaging function and be able to utilize a database of geocaches downloaded before the trip.


Yesterday I received my kit in the mail and got it assembled and running the PiFace CAD Weather demo:


Tonight I plan to get the basic GPS functions running.  


Detailed build log here:

Pi Hiker Doc