Thanks to the Geocaching community and Christopher Stanton. I am one of the Winners of  10 Raspberry Pi 2 GPS kit. The kit arrived at my front door on Aug. 7th, 2015. Since then, I followed Chris' blog Putting Together the Pieces - Raspberry Pi 2 GPS Geocaching Project and built up my kit. In general, it's a quite smooth process except like many others, I ran into the SHIM connection problem as well. In this blog, I will show my procedure step by step with lots of pictures and screen captures (I don't have a HDMI monitor, so I used my HDTV as the display).


The kit came in within a neat package.



A white 5V 2A output power adapter with changeable world-wide plugs is included. I changed the plug to North American version (push down the cutout section to release the plug from the adapter).



Raspberry Pi 2 has a printed manual in 16 different languages.



The kit includes a SHIM board which can be used to connect a Microstack GPS module (on top of a Microstack Baseboard) to the GPIO pins with a male-to-male connector.



I soldered the male-to-male connector on the SHIM board and plug the SHIM onto GPIO pins. Like other people reported, the connections between SHIM and GPIOs weren't reliable. Keep reading and I will provide a solution.



Plug the GPS module on top of Microstack baseboard and plug the baseboard into the male-to-male connector.



Plug the PiFace on top of Pi 2



Check the UFL to SMA RF cable - conductivity for both shield and center (I have seen factory problem on this type of cable) and carefully plug the UFL end (UFL connector is very fragile) to the GPS module. Then screw the SMA end to the GPS antenna cable. Please rotate the connectors instead of the wire when you screw two SMA together. Otherwise, too much tension on the wire may damage the UFL connector at the other end.



Plug USB adapter for wireless keyboard and mouse, HDMI cable, Ethernet cable and microUSB power plug. Then power it up.



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