Updated arrangements:


Since the sad announcement we now await for Candi's remains to be delivered to us. Our family is saddened by the loss especially her friend Scratch & her pet Python. They both graciously volunteered to help Dale & Chrystal be the undertakers to put Candi's remain back together and prepare her for the coffin. Scratch & Python will keep her thoughts, actions and memories alive as well help with keeping children happy. Candi's memory will be kept in her favorite desert (Raspberry Pi), her cheerful display will be on an LED screen for everyone to see and touch. Her eyes and smile will be from bright diamonds (LED lights). Once Candi's remains are received, we will have a viewing for family and friends who can stomach the mess we receive her in.




Name: Candi D. Spencer

Age: To young


For Candi's whole life she lived for making kids happy. Handing out candy once a year to any child who asked. Her final wish was to continue on with this tradition every year from beyond the grave. Her dad "The Candy man" started her on this tradition many years ago (He had a different agenda after death from what I understand). Candi gave out so much candy that it killed her. The story is to sad to write, but her legacy will live on once Halloween day arrives.


Thank you,


Dale & Chrystal Winhold