Project items came in! 


Stuff just came in!

List of items staring in the center and spiraling out clockwise:

1.  The Raspberry Pi Sense Hat.  Key to the project.

2.  The Raspberry Pi board.

3.  Adafruit 8 channel level shift

4.  Adafruit Neopixel Stick 8

5.  Visaton Speaker

6.  Element 14 Wi-Pi

7.  ABS Case, Grey

8.  8gb Rasperry Pi card preloaded with Noobs, (8gm microsd with in SD adapter)

9.  Velleman-kit, 2x52 amplifier


Going through the project information item I will need that I don't have spare will include an IR sensor and Relay to sense and trigger the Foginator.  Plus some extra large (20mm) gpi Header pins for the sense hat.  Possible an arduino board for the Neopixel, but I will research that more later. 


The Tin at the bottom was a cool Ouija board mint tin that I was hoping was a little larger then the standard Altoids tin to make a custom Halloween case for the Pi, looks standard size. Though.


Huge Thank you! to Element 14 for including me in this project, I will update as the other parts come in and progress continues.


John K.