The blogs that seem to be getting updated are the 7" RPi screen ones so I thought I would keep the Foginator people rolling while they are waiting for their kits to come to them.  :-)


Earlier I posted a picture listing all of the parts that came with the Foginator Project so anyone still waiting for shipment should be receiving similar.  Reading through the Foginator 2000 blog entries by Charles_Gantt is showing that additional parts will be needed to at least do the basics of the project of combining the new SenseHat and a remotely controlled Foginator.


I highly suggest that everyone check out his projects purely for the education of seeing these projects being worked and adapted to deal with real life experiences let alone the advantage for some of us will have of learning from his efforts before we stumble. 


You can check out his Foginator posts @ Foginator 2000: #001 Project Introduction


Additional items I have ordered that seem integral to the idea of the project is a PIR sensor, Channel Relay Module and a GPIO 2x20 stackable header with extra long pins.

The first 2 are to actually allow the event of someone remotely triggering the foginator, the 3rd is to allow you to have access to the GPIO pins of the RPi since once you place the SenseHat the pins can't be used.  Charles goes into more details in his blog entry complete with pictures:  Foginator 2000: #005: Neopixel Integration with Raspberry Pi and Arduino


In that above post there is also additional items needed for Neopixel implementation (such as Arduino Nano).  If I can get all of the other key parts working before the deadline I will revisit the need of ordering a Nano board.


While I am waiting for those to come in I will jump up to the SenseHat installation and software loading so as to be ready to tie in the rest of the project as quickly as possible.  Caveat, here in the US it is the weekend, so of course even paying for 2 day shipping means that it won't leave until Monday and arrive on Wednesday.  The idea of relying on standard 5-8 business days seemed to be too much of antagonizing Murphy's Law to me.  Hopefully anyone still waiting for their items can check their inventory and order the extra parts needed as soon as possible so we can all see everyone's projects on Halloween!  :-)