First off, let say thanks for being part of this project.

A couple of weeks ago I started assembling my project. The LCD display will come after.

I managed to destroy a servo, by playing with it. Also, I'll simplify the box by using and RGB led.


When I first booted into latest version of Raspbian I ran the Configuration menu. I rebooted, and the ran:


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade –y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y


I must say, I’m programming at work so I’m using putty and connect via SSH to the Raspberry pi.

The Pi’s Ip can be found by running:



ScreenHunter_520 Oct. 23 10.26.jpg

The ip is under inet addr: and might look like 192.168.1. ..


Then I imported the project folder running:


git clone https://github.com/CharlesJGantt/Trick-or-Trivia.git



To follow: modify the code, add more questions and so on.