Quick update.  The extra parts came in but when I attempted to replace GPIO header with no pins sticking out with one with extended GPIO pins I am having problems actually getting the new Header to slip on.  I will attach a picture at bottom of post.  The issue seems to be each SenseHat pin having a gold encasing that are big enough that the new header doesn't want to slip on.  Not sure if I should strip the SenseHat of those gold casings per pin or not.  Anyone else with input please PM or share here.  General Google Fu really doesn't talk much about the SenseHat and pin issue other than buying new header with extensions.


In addition, running the instructions to update the default RPi load that came with the card seems to be good to go.  But every time I try to use Python to actually access the SenseHat I found more items needing updates.  I think the Pillow update finally stopped those errors but now it seems to not be able to find the SenseHat.  This may still be due to libraries needing updates or similar.  I will share the specific error later.  Sadly one night I just kept updating and updating and updating and not note taking so I don't have specifics.  Have thought about just going back to step one and rewriting the image to default, then trying to run updates again.  :-)


SenseHat Header Pins.