The Halloween projects from CyborgDistro are under way. This should show you some of the awesome Multi-Robot Pi-Borg costumes you can make with Raspberry Pi and a couple of inexpensive robot arms!

We know you've always wanted to become a Pi-Borg -- now is your chance to upgrade your hardware/software stack directly to #CyborgDistro!


(1) A fully-fledged Autonomous Cyborg Backpack!


11149104_10103331559953975_8929134801135954655_n.jpg 10492613_10102589654613225_8949492634966480232_n.jpg

System Specs:

  • 2 Dagu 6DOF Arms
  • SSC32 Servo Controller w/ custom enclosure
  • Raspberry Pi B w/ portable USB battery and Adafruit Case
  • 2 Ultrasonic sensors on the sides of the backpack serve to detect obstacles and your phone beeps if you get close to something. This helps you protect the extra arms from damage.
  • 2 web cams allow you to see behind you.
  • Tekkeon External Battery for powering the servo controller and rasp pi
  • Currently controlled with an Android smartphone app!


(2) The Wearable Multiclaw


img_20150430_104327.jpg?w=300&h=225 img_20150430_105433.jpg

System Specs:

  • The grippers are $5 grippers from SparkFun. Never before has having lots of grippers ever been so affordable (which is subsequently spawning this multi-robot cyborg revolution).
  • The proto-electronics used are the Pololu Micro Maestro Controller ($20), the Raspberry Pi ($35), along with some batteries.
  • The grippers are mounted on inexpensive ($5) wristbands.
  • The Python software runs on the Raspberry Pi and currently allows control with Android devices (though we’d like to add additional sensors and build some autonomy).

Upcoming Enhancements


Hopefully in time for this Halloween, I just received a new shipment of EMG sensors from Advancer Technologies: MyoWare Muscle Sensor - RobotShop

I'm excited to incorporate the EMG sensors into the Wearable Multiclaw (and potentially Autonomous Cyborg Backpack) so you can control the extra arms with muscle flexes and muscle potentials!

All code for the projects is a mixture of Python, Java, and C. You can download code for the projects on github:


Thank you to Element 14!


Thanks to Element 14 for the box of goodies! We look forward to adding some of the components to the Cyborgs. Especially the sense hat for rasp pi -- the hardware looks awesome. Can't wait to hack some more.


Happy Halloween from CyborgDistro!