As I read through Charles Gantt's blogs on the Foginator 2000, I saw that he used an off the shelf relay board to switch the fogger on and off.  However, I didn't want to spend the money when I could just as easily create my own relay board.  So, I sketched up the following schematic.  The inputs on the left go to the Raspberry Pi board and the outputs at the top go to the fog machine's remote control.


I pulled the following parts from Seeed Studio's Arduino Starter Kit to build the board.  The perf-board was purchased separately.



Manufacturer's Part Number
Q1On SemiP2N2222A
D1Diodes Inc1N4001


Perf-boardRadio ShackN/A


I assembled the circuit on the perf-board, using the extra component lead lengths to connect the parts together.  Then I added wires to connect up to the Raspberry Pi.  Using Charles' python code and a PIR sensor from Radio Shack, I was able to successfully switch the relay upon motion.  Here's a close-up of the completed board and a picture of the test setup. 


2015-10-24 17.54.20.jpg2015-10-24 17.53.53.jpg

Now, I have a relay board of my own creation that I can re-use in future projects when needed!