I added startup for all the main pieces.  On both Pis, this meant adding a line to near the bottom of /etc/rc.local. The line goes just above the exit line you see at the bottom.  Here is what I added:

  sh /root/start_watching.sh &


I started the shell script running in the background.  The shell script waits 30 seconds, then mounts the samba share of the other Pi.  I start this script in the background so the main console stays ready for logins, if I were to plug a keyboard and monitor in.  On the Raspberry Pi 2 B, it then runs the python script that watches for files in /public and activates the display to show virtual fog.  On the Raspberry Pi B+, I start 2 python scripts in the background.  The first of those watches the PIR and notifies the 2 B when it sees movement.  The second script watches for new files in /public and lights up the NeoPixels when it finds a new file.  I can now power both systems up and with no interaction, itall works fine.  So, I assembled the pieces in the top of a box and I'll leave it running overnight. I'd like to have the spooky audio, so my first task for Saturday is to see if I can make or get an audio cable.  I'll add pictures of the assembled system on the next blog entry.  I need another USB cable to download the pictures.  This has been a fun little project so far and it is nice to see it running.


I am including all those files so you can look at them

  The files are named a little differt in the attachments than how they are on disk, so I will explain.

b2_start.sh - this is /root/start_watching.sh on the Raspberry Pi 2 B

bplus_start.sh - this is /root/start_watching on the Raspberry Pi B+

pir-trigger.py - this is the python script to watch the PIR module and notify the 2B

turn_on.py - this is the python module to turn on the NeoPixel stick and where the fog machine would be activated

turn_on_fog.py - this is the script to turn on the virtual fog on the Sense Hat