Unfortunately I couldn't finish the project before Halloween because I moved recently and didn't bring the right tools with me. However, I will continue the build and blogs. Different from my last blog Step by Step Build Trick or Trivia Halloween Candy Dispenser #4 - LED blink test, GUI Interface, today I will blog the build of audio amplifier.



Usually the sequence when I manually solder components is from low profile parts to high profile parts. To get a good sense of the soldering sequence, I temporarily placed all parts on the board without soldering.



Starting from low profile parts such as resistor, diode and ceramic capacitors. Pay attention to the diode's polarity.



Soldering the low profile parts and cut their extra leads.




Next, solder the switch.



Then solder the terminals and the amplifier IC. Pay attention the orientation of the IC.



Next, solder the volume control rotary switch.



Next solder three elec. capacitors. Pay attention to their polarity.



Finally, solder the LED. Pay attention to the LED polarity.



The back side of the completed board.