The Raspberry Pi Zero form factor, makes it perfect for use in smaller project. Combined with internet connectivity, a display and some kind of input, it could be used to visualise virtually anything.


Using a Pi Zero, an I2C OLED display from Adafruit, a miniature wifi dongle, two push buttons and a custom 3D printed enclosure, I attempted to create a small device which can sit on my desk and report various things, such as:

  • time and date
  • network settings
  • social media stats


This could easily be expanded to display the weather, latest email received, tweets you are mentioned in, or even the latest discussions on element14. The choice is yours!


One button cycles through the different screens, the other triggers actions depending on the active screen. For example, on the network settings screen, the button forces the Pi to reconnect to the network.


The wiring diagram, code, 3D files ... are available in a complete blog post on my website should you want to know more about this build: Raspberry Pi Zero Internet Connected Information Display – Frederick Vandenbosch


Check it out and let me know what you think!