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Project Apple

Posted by matthew65536 Jun 21, 2016
I have an idea for a project, the main use of this computer will be normal pc usage, such as Internet browsing, Retro gaming (which seems to be the most famous use of the Raspberry pi), and other things. So, your probably wondering, why is it named the Apple pi? well, i named it the Apple pi, because i want to use the case of on Apple Macintosh Classic, or any of the older one-piece Macintosh computers, i was hoping to have it to where it can be turned off and on with a switch also can be powere ...
Hello, Just finished modding my new Pi3. Before modding I gave it a stress test for 20 mins using Sysbench prime calucation. I was getting 78~81C on ARM CPU. So I decided to do something about it before the hot summer arrives. The codes I used for the stress test... you can download sysbench by typying "sudo apt-get install sysbench" I dug out some Pentium II heat sink and started hacking away using dremel. I tried to mod as large piece of heatsink as possible in an slim aftermarket Pi ca ...

Musicbox Raspberry Pi 3

Posted by accel79 Jun 8, 2016
Background I have been upgrading my old Harman Kardon AVR 630, first i installed an HDMI Switch to upgrade the connectivity. Now i want to installed a Raspberry Pi 3 with Pi Musicbox to upgrade my receiver with streaming services like: Spotify, tunein, google music, soundcloud and podcast and also the capability of play FLAC files from network and locally.   Hardware Components Raspberry Pi 3 Case for Pi 4gb MicroSD 5v 2A Power Supply USB Sound Card   Installation After you pu ...

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