I have been upgrading my old Harman Kardon AVR 630, first i installed an HDMI Switch to upgrade the connectivity. Now i want to installed a Raspberry Pi 3 with Pi Musicbox to upgrade my receiver with streaming services like: Spotify, tunein, google music, soundcloud and podcast and also the capability of play FLAC files from network and locally.


Hardware Components



After you put all the hardware together it's time to  work with the software.


First download the Pi MusicBox image from the Pi MusicBox website and install it on an SD card. I used RPi-SD Card Builder for Mac, If you’re using Windows it sounds like Win32DiskImager is the thing to use.

Unfortunately there's not official support from Pi Musicbox for Raspberry Pi 3 yet, if you put this SD card into your RPi3 all you’ll get is the rainbow boot screen. You’ll need to copy a few files from a more recent raspbian image to get it to work.

Here comes the trick:

The most recent versions of Raspbian Jessie do not work with this technique, so you’ll specifically need the 2016-03-18 version available here. Unzip that file and mount it, on OS X you can use the built in DiskImageMounter.

Once you’ve mounted that image you’ll just need to copy a few files to your SD card, overwriting the files on the PiMusicBox image. Those files are: All the .dtb, .bin, .dat and .elf files.

Overwrite those files on your Pi MusicBox SD card and you should now be able to boot up, after the first attempt the Pi will reboot one time to fix the changes in the files and that will be all, You will have the Pi MusicBox working in the Raspberry Pi 3.

Here some screenshot from Iphone and Ipad interface

File_000 (1).png File_001 (1).png File_000.png File_001.png File_002.png

Next step will be upgrade it with a HiFiBerry DAC+ for a huge improvement in audio quality

Thanks to TechEnvy and Christoph Buenger for their great guides.