I have an idea for a project, the main use of this computer will be normal pc usage, such as Internet browsing, Retro gaming (which seems to be the most famous use of the Raspberry pi), and other things. So, your probably wondering, why is it named the Apple pi? well, i named it the Apple pi, because i want to use the case of on Apple Macintosh Classic, or any of the older one-piece Macintosh computers, i was hoping to have it to where it can be turned off and on with a switch also can be powered with a laptop battery. What i need help with is finding the parts to make it work, because i know the Raspberry pi is powered with 5V, i need help finding the right parts for it, all i need is a 9" LCD screen, i was hoping it can use the built in screen adapter, so i can use HDMI to plug in another monitor or a TV, i also want to make sure it is still portable, or... as portable as a Macintosh was. I would appreciate it if i can get some help on finding the parts like the battery and the LCD screen.