I have a Raspberry Pi 3, doing nothing right now... (Well, to be honest, I have every edition Pi laying around, doing nothing.)


However, not all my Pi boards have been doing nothing... here are some of my previous projects:

Drinkmotizer, drink mixing robot

Project Goldie, my favorite - I animated the opening!

Pi Ball, a spherical and interactive Raspberry Pi case

Scary Door, Halloween #1

Scary Porch, Halloween #2

New Years’ Eve Countdown timer and Fireworks launcher

Raspberry Pi Arcade


For the Raspberry Pi 3, I want to start with one of my back burner projects. A portable and wireless Raspberry Pi.


My requirements:

- I want something small and with a screen.

- Wireless charging, while it's on or off.

- A case to mount it all in.


It occurred to me that for decades now, phones have done all this. So, why not a Raspberry Pi?


I took inventory of some of my components laying around and drew up a possible design for the Portable&Wireless Pi (PWP, from now on).

The PWP drawing is taken from one of my project notebooks. I will explain what everything means in the drawing... trust me, it (probably) works.



What does this scribble mean!?!? Find out in the next post...