See Part 1 of the project here.


I think I have narrowed down how I will achieve my goal of wireless charging, I will use old cell phone tech. But why you ask? Why with all the Qi standard devices. PRICE!


I am going to add to my requirements list:

My requirements:

- I want something small and with a screen.

- Wireless charging, while it's on or off.

- A case to mount it all in.



My addition to the requirements list comes from obvious reasons, I have no budget. But, in adversity and strife, that is when engineers truly shine. We find answers to the toughest questions. At least, that is what I hope to find.



To adapt the Pi3 to whatever tech I use, I set out to design a mount for all the parts.


Here is what I came up with:

cabe atwell wireless pi3 mount.JPG

The top model is the Raspberry Pi. The second model is the where the Pi mounts. I designed it with stand-offs for both modern Pi mount holes and the original models of the Pi.

Though, I doubt I will ever use the original models for this project. Slots in the second plant are for passing wires through. I assume that will be enough.

And, the stand-offs will be threaded for standard M2.5mm bolts.

The third, or bottom, plate is where I plan to house all support and wireless charging components.


I drew the models in Solidworks, if anyone was wondering. Besides being the most engineery thing to do, I also wanted to export 3D models for... 3D printing.


What's next?

3D print some parts. Find cheapest solution for the support parts.