it is full of people here that are making home automation things in their spare time or as a hobby.

I am also doing this and want to make the project bigger.

It is called - webcontrol.link and it is a web application that is controlling raspberry pi connected to internet ant registered in the website of course, which has RF433/868mhz/2.4ghz modules.

The idea is to make one universal computer - raspberry pi with the modules and one software that everybody can use easily, and the programming language to be easily updated.

Till now it is working with 433 sender/receiver but i want to find better ones with antena..

The app is working with MQTT with publish/subscribe method and on the PI - it is python.

There is a logic for automatic update, so once the software is installed, it can be automatically updated at any time.


If somebody want to do something more than a hobby and it is interesting, you are welcome to join me.

There are many products in the market, why not to build our own:)