As mentioned it the previous post, I'm building a small render farm for Blender using the Bitscope Blade. I decided to mount all the components on a sheet of wood so that I could pack the whole thing away when I was not using it.




Back in March I put together a kit that turned an ATX power supply into a Benchtop Powersupply  I had another of the same 1U ATX supplies that would work well for this project. I chopped up some extension cables so that I could simply plug the supply into the blade and router. I wired up the "PS-ON" to GND as there's a separate on/off switch that can be used on the back of the supply. I also wired up 2x12v connectors for my router and the cluster. I was slightly thrown as the router was 5.5/2.1mm and the Bitscope Blade was 5.5/2.5mm. The disk was an old IDE one so needed a chunky 4 pin connector, the PSU already supplied that. The spare connectors I just bundled in parallel so they would not get in the way. A couple of 3D printed clamps hold the PSU to the backing board.


External Disk

I had started with a cased disk caddy but realised I also had a simpler one which would allow a bare drive to be used. This should result in the smaller setup. The disk was mounted via some suitably printed brackets.


Each of the pi plugged into a handmade short Ethernet cable and connected to a router. As mentioned in the previous post, one of the challenges of a cluster is managing the software on each node. I'll likely wire the cluster up to my main network for the setup then disconnect it once the software is installed.


The setup is ready for use now so next up is some configuration.


I've put the 3D models into GitHub and will add any scripts and code as they get created.



Makezine - Turn a computer power supply into a bench power supply