Morning all!


I'm working on a little Pi Project, and I'd like to get your input on logistics or and ideas you might have to make it easier/better.


Basically, I'd like to have a device that can run Retropie with dedicated gaming buttons, and also run an Andrid like tablet operating system.


The idea is that I have a custom Tablet case with a touchscreen, and inside there will be 2 Raspberry Pi units, one of them running RetroPie, and one running Android or an alternative. I'd like it to have one Power button, with a toggle switch to choose between the two systems.


The RetroPie system will be hooked up to some buttons/joysticks for gaming, and the Android tablet will be hooked up to a home button. Ideally there would be a shared Battery for both units in the middle behind the screen, or 2 separate ones if that's easier to set up. I'd like to have a USB port for both units for file transfer, and for multiplayer on the Retropie, and ideally an HDMI out for use with a monitor.


I've made a little mockup to demonstrate what I mean, or roughly what I'd like it to look like, if you can see any problems or potential issues with the design, features, or the concept as a whole, let me know! I'm interested to see what you guys think!