I'm looking at building an AoIP link using a pair of suitable Rpi's with Wolfson / Cirrus audio boards.


Audio In/Out would be analog. The Ethernet link would be extended using Ubiquity wireless long range access point devices set up as a wireless bridge.


I'm getting a wee bit lost trying to determine the most suitable combination of Rpi board, audio board, and OpenOB version. I also have a strong preference for a board combination that is drop-in compatible with an existing & readily available case such as the Camdenboss Wolfson board case (from what I can gather, this seems to be designed for the older Rpi boards which are no longer available?).


My intention is to set this up as a more or less embedded system that I can plug in, turn on, and send / receive audio.


I'd appreciate some help figuring this out. I'm not really concerned about having the latest & greatest, but rather the combination that is most likely to just work, with as little troubleshooting & fiddling around as possible.


# I work as an audio / light tech, and also as wireless installer for a small ISP using Ubiquity equipment. Although I prefer to use Ubuntu based Linux OS's such as Mint for my daily computing, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not much of terminal / code guy - my configuration requirements for work are VERY basic. I can get a bit of help from our chief technician, although his available time is limited. I can however follow sufficiently clear instructions