This post will cover the basics of how I use a 3D printed camera mount to take photos of the moon using a Raspberry Pi cam. My telescope has a 1.5 inch eyepiece but you can download the 3D printable file and adjust the size to fit your needs. I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian, using a regular Pi cam. Then using an android phone app I can take pictures and view them on my phone seconds later.1492258660637.jpg

I plan to take this setup to some remote locations. I chose to use a GoPro flex arm attachment and SmartiPi case for now so I can quickly attach and remove the Raspberry pi from the telescope. I picked up the flex arm for around $12 on amazon, and the SmartiPi case was about $25 from MCM electronics with a GoPro mount built in. These work for now, maybe bring some zip ties to keep the Raspberry Pi attached, remember the telescope with be slewing up and down, and the Pi may try to fall off!!



I use my phone as a wifi hotspot to create a network to connect the phone to the Pi in remote locations. I've already setup Raspbian on the Pi and pre-configured the network connection, so It connects to the phone hotspot automatically. I've had best result using the android phone app RaspiCam Remote It has a video mode that allows me to see what the telescope sees so I can line up the shot. Try using apps like VNCviewer for remote desktop access, You can then run python scripts to take custom photos. Or use the app RaspManager with it's built in photo system we can take pictures, and download them to the phone quickly,but no preview to line up your shot. Below are photos of the moon taken from the 8MP Pi cam!! Very happy with the results now to take this setup into the mountains for some clearer sky's.


For more pictures and even a video visit It' Thanks for reading!