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I tried to use the Element14 Pi Desktop.  My mSATA disk works when I use a USB adapter on Windows.  When connected in the desktop, I try sudo  ppp-hdclone which doesn't see any drives. When I reboot with bootable microSD card reinserted, I see four raspberries but nothing happens after that.  It appears all USB connected devices no longer work.   Can my Raspberry Pi 3 be unbricked from this situation or is this Pi gone forever? ...

What's a PiJack?

Posted by rctho Nov 21, 2017
I needed to extend the wifi range of my router with a minimal footprint in my apt. I didn't want more peripherals plugged in all over my apt. I used a RPi0w for the wifi repeater and jammed it into a two gang receptacle box. Two usb ports (one is for console connection) and kill switch, or reset button in case the computer hangs. The console connection will also power the Pi in case the power goes out.   First i had to attach the antenna. I found tutorials online that looked easy enough ...
Hi everyone!   We're a group of students from Royal Holloway, University of London participating in AstonHack 2017 and we think we've come up with something neat.'ve made a command line interface for Monzo Bank! Sadly, as the API is currently read-only, so only data viewing purposes for now. The monzo-cli tool has many useful features, these include: Viewing current account balance. Example: ./monzo balance View pending transactions - these are transactions ...

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