Hi everyone!


We're a group of students from Royal Holloway, University of London participating in AstonHack 2017 and we think we've come up with something neat.

https://astonhack.co.uk/We've made a command line interface for Monzo Bank! Sadly, as the API is currently read-only, so only data viewing purposes for now.

The monzo-cli tool has many useful features, these include:

Viewing current account balance.


./monzo balance

View pending transactions - these are transactions that have not been fully processed.


./monzo pending

View full transaction history - this will display all transactions ever made using the account:


./monzo transactions

View total liquidity of the account - this means seeing the total money inputted into the account, total money taken from the account, and net total;


./monzo spent

Use filters to categorise data - sort transactions by payment category (used with pending or transactions):


./monzo pending eo


We'll be adding more features in the future!

Please leave any feedback, or recommendations for new features, as we are always open to suggestions


For now, we'll include the project source code in this forum post, but we plan to include a link to the GitHub repo once the API keys expire.





monzo bash script (run this)