I needed to extend the wifi range of my router with a minimal footprint in my apt. I didn't want more peripherals plugged in all over my apt. I used a RPi0w for the wifi repeater and jammed it into a two gang receptacle box. Two usb ports (one is for console connection) and kill switch, or reset button in case the computer hangs. The console connection will also power the Pi in case the power goes out.


First i had to attach the antenna. I found tutorials online that looked easy enough at first but the pics were scaled about 1000% of the pi's actual size. When i looked at the board and the size of the components i had to re-solder on, i was quickly discouraged. It doesn't look the greatest, but it got it done and it works. That's what matters.



Next i cut all the cords to size then soldered on the usb, micro usb, and pinout thingy. I used shrink tube and hot glue so that no wires are exposed. I used the internal circuit from a standard 5v transformer/ regulator commonly used to recharge a cell phone to hardwire the pi to my apt. it will act the same as if i plugged it in.


I used Leviton Qickports for the wall plate. two ports i drilled holes in for both the external antenna and reset button. Got all my components together. Time to assemble.


The transformer/regulator fit in perfect. All of the pre soldering was done so at this point, it was pretty much plug and play. I taped the pi to the side, then connected all the components.


Got it all in there. Easy street!



I had to disable the bluetooth to use the uart console gpio pins. console, usb, antenna, and reset switch all work great. I'm now configuring the wifi repeater. I'm going to make sure everything works before i put it in the wall.


Other than a wifi repeater, this device doesn't have much purpose. I could connect a usb camera, or I could swap out the usb for hdmi to connect it to a tv.. i wanted to make it more than i knew what i would do with it. Does anyone have any suggestions for what else this can be used for?