Hi guys, i'm searching for people that would like to join me adding this nice emulator on the PI.

NeoGeo CD SDL does have cd-rom only support and it's a great choice for people like me that would like to have a "new" neo geo cd, because the original hardware is expensive, unreliable and had low loading times.


This emulator was maded for DOS, then went for Windows, then it was ported to linux, beos, Xbox, Dreamcast end even Ps2.

There's a new console coming up, called SEEDI, that'll be able to play games directly on cd-rom, going to NeoGeo CD, Sega CD, to Dreamcast and Playstation1. I'm pretty sure is maded on a PI-sh system, so i know is possible to make somehow.


You can get the emulator, with source codes, makefiles and instructions here: NeoCD/SDL - The crossplatform Neogeo CD Emulator

Projects for ports on this emulator are old and look timeless on hold.


I'm searching for capable people to make this since i have no clue at all on how to, i'm just dreaming about having a new system like this, to play games on my discs in my collection, with a greater option if i want to use discs and not roms (wich is something i'm not going to do anyway).

I hope you can help me find about