Another as seen on the internet project. I scored a busted Happy Hacker keyboard at work so naturally, i took it apart. most of the broken pieces i would have had to melt off to make the Pi board fit into it anyway.



The challenge; how do i get this Raspberry pi into a small keyboard that already had a pcb in it.



First i had to remove everything from the board. I started off delicate cause i didn't want to damage it, but these lil' guys are tough! i had to be pretty aggressive and meticulous to get it all off. stripped it down to almost just the board.



Wired everything up including the two usb ports that were already in the keyboard and added a wifi dongle. soldered everything right to the board. I had to remove the usb connector from the keyboard pcb and hardwire that too so that i could make the hdmi fit. it was pretty tight but I made it work. The only thing that was wired incorrectly was the headphone jack. sound only comes out of one side. it was difficult to close so i haven't opened it up to fix it.



No micro usb for power so i made a custom power cord that works with a female power connector i got from an old phone in the e-waste bin.


Closed it all up. works well except for the headphones but i don't really use them anyway. Was going to gift it to my gf's nephew (he's five) but not sure if he'll be into it.