hi everyone,

im working on my first small electronics build, a handheld retropi.

ive decided to use a teensy to make building the controller simpler for me.

its a teensy 3.6. I'm not too familiar with interpreting the pin chart that it comes with. I know that the ones with an A can be used for analog devices such as joystick potentiometers. I'm wondering if there are limitations on which pins can be used for simple tach buttons.

My controller design calls for roughly 20 buttons:

7 "regular buttons" on the right laid out similar to the 6 button sets genesis controllers with a "start" button above them.

at least 5 buttons on the left for the d-pad and select button maybe 2 more buttons for the operating system to be used as menu or exit buttons.

then 2 L buttons and 2 R buttons like a playstation

and 2 potentiometer joysticks like a PlayStation or Xbox

if im correct that nearly anything on the teensy 3.6 board can be used as a basic tach button then I have nothing to worry about.


thanks in advance for any help/advice