I want to introduce my new touch screen kit for the PiZero. There are already many touchscreen extensions for the Raspberry Pi and Pi Zero, but often without an elegant housing for wall mounting and usually with larger screen diagonals and therefore not in the compact size of a light switch or thermostat. This makes the AZ-Touch Pi0 particularly suitable for small applications in the field of home automation, metering, monitoring, control and other typical IoT applications.


AZ-Touch Pi0 running weather stationAZ-Touch Pi0 running weather station

AZ-Touch Pi0 running keypad example



● top wall mounting enclosure

● 2,8 inch (7,11 cm) tft screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution

● SPI display controller ILI9341

● Resitive touch with SPI touch controller XPT2046

● Integrated 5V/1.7A voltage regulator (Vin 9...35V DC)

● Integrated prototyping area

● 6-pin removable terminal block for prototyping area & power supply

● Marked and connected GPIO & power pins beside the proto area

● Integrated piezo beeper

● Plug-in positions for Raspberry Pi Zero

● Vented cover to allow through air flow


Code Excamples: