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Tomcat on my Pi

Posted by PEarle May 2, 2014
I decided to install Tomcat on my Pi and see what the performance is like.   First thing to do is make sure I have got the latest version of all my currently installed function - e.g. use command   sudo apt-get update     Step 1 - Install Java   Java installation is very straightforward with the following command   sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-jdk     Once that has finished you can check that Java installed correctly  with the command java -v ...
I recently got hold of a Wolfson Audio card and did a bit of trial recording using the command line - see That all works fine - but what I want to be able to do is use use my Pi as a mini-recorder, which means operating on its won, away from a monitor/screen/internet connection, etc. I decided that, as I have a smart phone with a browser, if I could create a network connection b ...
This article assumes that you have already successfully installed your Wolfson audio card - if you haven't done that yet, there is an excellent blog by cstanton  at   Once you have your card set up you will want to start recording with it. Like may people, I run my card 'headless' via a Putty shell, ...

Pi Webpage Reboot

Posted by PEarle Apr 2, 2014
I have recently set up a LAMP Raspberry Pi and am using this at work to monitor some servers (see Raspberry PI as a LAMP server and PI as a Web Server Monitor) I'm running it 'headless' (i.e. without a keyboard or mouse attached). This is fine until I wanted to reboot it yesterday, and realised that I would have to go through the hassle of opening a Putty session, connecting to the server, logging on, and issuing the reboot command. How convenient it would be if i could just click on a web link ...

PI as a Web Server Monitor

Posted by PEarle Mar 20, 2014
In my recent blog I described how I went about setting up my Pi as a LAMP server. like most people, once I had got this working, I needed to work out something useful to do with it! here at work we have a couple of servers that we use for developing/testing web code, and these come up and down during the day as new builds are deployed, etc. Its sometimes a pain when they a ...
    I decided to set up my Raspberry PI as a dedicated LAMP server. (LAMP is an acronym that stands for LinuxApacheMysqlPhp and are components required to run a Dynamic HTML webpage.).   All these components are Open Source ;   Apache is the webserver that will host my applications - for more information see MySQL is "the world's most popular Open Source database" (their own claim !) - more information here PHP is "a popular ...

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