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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: afoste12
Hey everyone just a a sneak peak at whats to come Some of the wiring may or maynot be correct but here are some of the components we will be using with our pi dozer. Right now we are prototyping fixing some bugs. Hopefully soon everything will be done and we will have an extensive post coming for you. HAPPY HACKING!   Here is a Gear we drew up in Solid works that will be driven by a windshield wiper motor. To control the Dozer. ...
Wow! Thank you Element 14! I had come up with the idea to use the Raspberry pi to make a retro mechanical arcade game Coin Dozer, but of course being a college student sometimes funds aren't always in abundance when you get an awesome Raspberry Pi project idea. HERE is an example of a coin dozer arcade game if you don't know what one is....I plan on making one out of the bundle. So on a hope and a whim I sent in my application for the Ultimate Raspberry pi Bundle just to see. Then Bam! ...

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