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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: anpivey
In this tutorial, we will send an event to Wia using Android Things. Components Raspberry Pi (We used a Raspberry Pi 3 Model) PIR Sensor USB Cable Jumper wires You will also need Android Studio and a Wia account. You can download the latest version of Android Studio here. Wia is a cloud platform to support your Internet of Things devices. You can sign up or login here. Getting StartedFirst, we need to install Android Things onto the raspberry pi. Click here to go to the Android Things console ...
  Hi All, For this tutorial, we're going to build a facial recognition camera that can detect if someone is smiling (or not). Here's what you will need: - Raspberry Pi (any model 3, 3+, Zero, etc). - Raspberry Pi Camera Module (we recommend this one). - Micro SD card (we recommend at least 8Gb). - Micro USB to USB cable. We've already got lots of in depth guides showing you how to setup your Raspberry Pi from scratch. You can view those here.   Setup the CameraOnce you've got everythin ...

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