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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: Dean Ashby
Introduction  For the past 12 months or so after reading about the exploits of Dave Akerman and his first launching of a Raspberry Pi into near space I've been tinkering with the idea of launching a  balloon myself.  Although there isn't a huge HAB community in NZ there have been some previous launches, and there is plenty of good information and useful tools available via the UK HAS web site, and #highaltitude IRC channel.  The IRC channel in particular has been a great sou ...
My family and I (wife plus two young children) are away travelling the South Island of New Zealand for our summer holiday.  At least one of the places we are staying hasn't upgraded their TV to go digital, the owners usually take their Sky decoder with them.  With our car already loaded to the gunwales with a double buggy, two kids car seats, buckets and spades for the beach, fishing rods, a small selection of christmas toys, and enough clothes to cover four seasons, packing anything e ...

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