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Well, halloween is basically over and it was a successful letdown. It poured rain tonight, we had about 6 kids. The kids liked the candy dispenser but loved the Wishing Hell. The dispencer had to be setup inside our (small) doorway, the Wishing Hell was mostly covered and sitting outside in the rain. The kids said this is what brought them to our home, but due to the rain they didn't want to all try the dispencer. The main reason for this challenge is for the kids to have fun which made it successful.


We want to thank all the sponsers, Element14 and everyone involved for making this possible,


Pictures to be uploaded in the next few days


Dale and Chrystal Winhold

With Halloween tomorrow we be everyone is doing the last minute touches to their project. Chrystal and I had so much fun doing this we want to make it a tradition. Below is video of the dispenser and the Wishing Hell, hope you enjoy. Sorry in advance for the blurry spots and shakiness, no matter how many times I through the camera at the wall it didn't improve.




Thank you for watching,


Chrystal & Dale Winhold

Hello everyone,

Candi is almost ready to give to children. Tombstone is done, programming is 95% complete, treats are bought, infinity wishing well is almost complete. We have been very busy. We decided to have the children pick a ghost or ghoul to randomly pick how much candy to give. Chrystal felt that the little children would find it to difficult to have questions and not enjoy it. She added sound effects and made it fun to play. We will upload pictures and video tomorrow for everyone to see. We will include the Scratch script we programmed. The wishing well (wishing hell) as we call it turned out way better then we ever expected. It is mind blowing, messes with the eyes.


More tomorrow

Dale and Chrystal

So we (Chrystal and I) received Candi's remains yesterday, a very happy yet sad occasion. Attached are lots of photos of what we received. Also is a chart of what we will make for the Halloween candy dispenser.


Below is what has to be modified to allow Scratch to use the GPIO's. This modify is a lot easier then the first time I did it. It took about 4 hours of changing the first time (2 years ago) now it is very easy.



Open up an LX Terminal window and download the installer.


sudo wget -O /boot/

sudo /boot/



The full kit received:



Touch Screen:


Raspberry Pi2:

Rpi 2.JPG



LED's, WIFI and power cord:


Servos, LED's (From NeoPixel) and Channel level shifter:


SD card and power:


Connecting the touch screen:


Up and running with the modified Scratch language:








I want to give a special thank you to Peter Oakes for the idea of the infinity well (Peter did an Infinity Mirror which is what gave me this idea). Check it out in his blogs, it's very cool.



There are a couple of small issues (Not complaining but noting). There were absolutely no instructions on how to hook up the touch screen. It wasn't an issue but for others it might be. The 4gb SD card didn't fit into the micro sd slot, I tried for hours and finally gave up and grabbed a micro sd card (Kidding). The power adaptor is 5v 1A, with the touch screen it requires 5v 1.6A. None of what is mentioned was an issue as like most of us we have something laying around that works.


More to blog in the next few days as Candi comes to life!!


We (Chrystal and I) are so thankful to all the sponsors, Element14, element14dave (For all his hard work he does for us) and the community!!


Hope everyone is enjoying this as much as we are!!


While we wait for Candi's remains to arrive we are preparing for the undertaking to bring her generosity back to life for children. My daughter Chrystal is very good at programming Scratch language. This will be the programming language used for this project. Scratch alone can't run the gpio's so modifying the os is required. This will allow Scratch and python to work together and create new scratch icons. The os hack will be documented and uploaded for all to see. The coffin is made for the candy to be dispenced from. I plan on giving Candi a face and voice for greating the children. There will be motion sensors to alert Candi when children appear.


This is so much fun,


Chrystal and Dale

Updated arrangements:


Since the sad announcement we now await for Candi's remains to be delivered to us. Our family is saddened by the loss especially her friend Scratch & her pet Python. They both graciously volunteered to help Dale & Chrystal be the undertakers to put Candi's remain back together and prepare her for the coffin. Scratch & Python will keep her thoughts, actions and memories alive as well help with keeping children happy. Candi's memory will be kept in her favorite desert (Raspberry Pi), her cheerful display will be on an LED screen for everyone to see and touch. Her eyes and smile will be from bright diamonds (LED lights). Once Candi's remains are received, we will have a viewing for family and friends who can stomach the mess we receive her in.




Name: Candi D. Spencer

Age: To young


For Candi's whole life she lived for making kids happy. Handing out candy once a year to any child who asked. Her final wish was to continue on with this tradition every year from beyond the grave. Her dad "The Candy man" started her on this tradition many years ago (He had a different agenda after death from what I understand). Candi gave out so much candy that it killed her. The story is to sad to write, but her legacy will live on once Halloween day arrives.


Thank you,


Dale & Chrystal Winhold

We regret to announce the sudden death of Candi D. Spencer. The tombstone is being made in memory of Candi. The tombstone has 2 doors that will open as a grieving child approaches which reveals a LED touch screen. The saddened child will be asked a question, upon answering, Candi will give a treat to make the child happy. The tombstone will be mounted on top of the coffin, Candi's hand will come out of the coffin offering the treat.




More information on this sad announcement to come very soon!!


Dale & Chrystal Winhold

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