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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: fateindustries
I am looking to start a kit, I need so far, LEDS, Input audio, power supply, the actual motherboard, the OS to program things. I need to program the leds to blink for certain things, and i need the audio in to record speech to text. Am i missing any components?  So far it is, The pi2/os/audiocard, i am not quite sure what to use for the leds. I dont know where to buy the power supply. ...
I am looking to create a project for class. I am thinking about installing the audio card and an LED, or two. My goal is for it to read input, and convert the input to mores code. I just wanted to see if this was possible with the hardware specs, and the programming language given to us by raspberry pi. so "Hello" would go into ".... . .-.. .-.. ---" I will either choose to make it one LED with time delay to seperate the dot and dash, or i would like to create two led's one designated to dot and ...

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