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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: feiticeir0
Hi all !   Today, I'm going to share a "hack" that I use in my work when a printer (Laser A4 or labels - Zebra printers) doesn't has network connectivity or a network wall socket is not available - but WIFI is present. Using a Raspberry PI Zero W I'm able to share the printer with more than 1 client . To this day, I have 8 working without a problem and more are yet to come.   This is a neat solution that solves a lot of problems: I don't have to rely on a computer (Windows) to be o ...
Hello all.   For some time now I have this project and now it's time to share it with the world so others can create their one. This is a 3D-Printable Servo clock - or a 3D 7 segment clock .   The original project is from Otvinta. It is there you need to download all the 3D files and see instructions on how to assemble the clock. The original project, like it is on the site, uses Windows 10 IOT on a Raspberry PI and servo drivers (Maestro) from Pololu. They are good, but expensi ...

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