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2 Posts authored by: jc2048
In my quest to use a Raspberry Pi 3B+ for creating art, I need to be able to control the GPIO pins. So next step was to look for some information on doing just that.   A quick search of element14 uncovered this blog by shabaz where he illustrates controlling the GPIO lines with Python. That should get me off to a quick start and Python should be ok to work with, at least for the simpler art pieces [I haven't done very much with Python and, to be honest, I didn't entirely like it when ...
I'm going to be using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as part of the PiCasso Design Challenge   Here it is, along with some art materials     I haven't used one before and I'm trying to get it going 'headless' (ie through the ethernet cable, without a monitor or keyboard attached). I'm following all the useful advice given to dubbie in these blogs   Getting Started with an Old Raspberry Pi #1 : Its a Model B (not a B+)   Getting Started with an Old Raspberry Pi 1B : Connecti ...

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