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Raspberry Pi Projects

2 Posts authored by: lawsonkeith
Introduction For this project I'm going to use a raspberry Pi to create a home irrigation system using node red to provide the user interface.   The build for the control box is covered in my homebrew controller project here: Raspberry Pi Homebrew controller with Node Red UI   So I'm going to use the same controller and use web service to count the number of days without rain in the town that I live.  I'm using the  site which has a python API ...
Introduction For this project I'm going to upgrade my trusty home-brew temperature controller.   I'm using a fish tank temperature controller at the moment to control a heater belt with a relay which is kind of ok apart from I need to go into the garage to check what it's doing and the temperature sensor which is just a cheap thermistor just gets bungee'd to the outside of the mash tub so I'm not sure how accurate it is, especially since the temperature sensor ends up being close to the ...

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