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Raspberry Pi Projects

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Get Your Team on Candid Camera!


This is Part 5 of our Pi in the Sun series, a tribute to one community member's ideas for integrating the Pi into summer sports. For other ways the Pi can enhance your summer, read my other blogs about how you can join the Pi in the Sun campaign.


1) Pi in the Sun: Get Your Summer On. Get Moving. Bring Your Pi.
2) Pi in the Sun Projects: Secure Your Home While You Travel
3) Pi in the Sun Projects: Don't Agitate. Automate!

4) Pi in the Sun Projects: Party Like an Engineer!


Douglas, photographer for multiple softball leagues, was missing action shots when he was at bat. His Raspberry Pi solution uses ChipKit Pi to operate an automated video camera.300x250_pisun_ban.jpg


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Don't Fret About Managing Your Life When You Travel! Just Automate It!


What will your pets do without you when take that dream trip of a life time? What happens if your applicances break down? Never fear. The Raspberry Pi is here.

With these 3 Pi Projects, you can let the Raspberry Pi work while you recreate.


1.  When Cabe Atwell went on a trip recently he found himself worrying about his goldfish’s well being more often than he ever imagined. We know you can relate. Good news! With Project Goldie on the case, you'll sleep easy on your next adventure.



2.   Have you ever met an unlucky traveler whose referigerator stopped working while they were wandering the globe? With Tim Massaro's refrigerator monitor, this will never happen to you. If your refrigerator drops below a certain temperature, you'll immediately get a text that will allow you to contact a repairperson who can investigate.




     3. Say you want to know how much electricity an appliance like an air purifier uses while you're gone. Drew Fustini put the Pi and the Kill-A-Watt together make the RaspiWatt, and you can too!




Have more ideas for how the Raspberry Pi can help you prepare for summer? Share them!





Keep Your Home Safe and Snug This Summer!


In our introductory Pi in the Sun blog, we promised projects that would make your summer better. Now we're delivering.

Here are 2 Pi Projects that will allow you to worry less about keeping unwanted visitors and prowlers away while you hit the holiday road.


1.   Let Frederick Vandenbosch show you how you can use a Pi, a Pi Camera and a PiFace Digital to build an alarm system that detects unwanted visitors, scares away intruders and transmits automatic notifications of disturbances.




2.  With this project, Carriots M2M Applications Platform reviews how to program the Raspberry Pi to send a data stream to a database when the Pi detects light. The result: You receive a text message signaling to you that someone is in your house.





Have more ideas for how the Pi can protect your home while you're away this summer? Share them!




Take the NEW PiRack Connect Four Challenge for a chance to win a $275 Arduino Robot development kit!


We have exciting news for anyone working on Pi projects!


The element14 Community’s PiRack Connect Four Challenge is open for project submissions until October 18th, and we are offering you a chance to get started on your entry with a free PiRack! The winner will receive the Arduino Robot Development Kit. The winner will also receive the Connect Four board game, a vertical checkers game.


The PiRack is an expansion board that allows the connection of 4 I/O boards to the Raspberry Pi. It also enables the Pi Camera Module to be used at the same time as the expansion boards.


If you are interested in getting a free PiRack in exchange for entering the PiRack Connect Four Challenge, please respond to this post with an outline and description of your project idea. The element14 Community team will review the ideas and let you know if you are selected to receive a free PiRack.


When you are done building your project, please read the contest directions and blog about your idea here to officially enter the contest. 



Take advantage of this special opportunity to start your contest entry for free. Offer available while supplies last and we only have 25!



We look forward to seeing your creations! 

The element14 Community team

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